Having Internet system troubles? A 4G/5G High Speed Internet system may be your answer.

For a lot of Australians, accessing high speed Internet is still seemingly impossible and out of reach. Some are still faced with having to wait another couple of years before being able to access any type of NBN connection at all. Many properties still only have access to appallingly slow ADSL whilst others may never be able to access acceptable NBN or line Internet services, now or in the foreseeable future.

If this sounds like you, then have hope. There could still be a very good Internet solution for you! The 4G/5G High Speed Internet System is a system which is independent from ADSL copper or NBN fibre or NBN Wireless. It’s your very own system, in your own home or office.
This Internet system comprises of having the correct type of 4G modem installed in to the home or office, along with a high gain antenna system installed externally on the rooftop and cabled in to the modem.

This antenna system, when installed correctly by an expert, will boost the 4G signal and can deliver some very impressive Internet speeds. For example, the lowest speed that Signal Fox has ever achieved with this system is 28Mbps (megabits per second). The highest so far, is 189Mbps! So, considering the national average download speed for Australia’s ADSL systems was 5Mbps, either one of those numbers is a vast improvement. At this point in time, the official national average download speed for NBN25 is 21Mbps.

The modem used for the 4G/5G Internet system will take a data sim card, which is linked to your chosen data plan. Depending on the geographical position of your property, you may be able to choose your data plan to be with Optus or Telstra or Vodafone (a quick survey completed by Signal Fox will give you that answer). You simply choose your data plan and insert the sim card that is linked to that plan, straight in to the modem and then voila!; fast and reliable Internet to the building.

In the past, the main drawback to having a 4G Internet system has always been data costs. Australia has been guilty of charging some of the highest data fees in the world, like $10-$20 per GB (Gigabyte) for example. At the time of this article being written, Optus have been promoting a special data deal of 200GB (Gigabytes) for $60 per month. Considering the national average data usage is 130GB per month, that’s not bad. After you have used your 200GB however, the costs do skyrocket again, so you do still need to watch your data usage, in the beginning, just get to know what using 200GB per month feels like (having said that, sometimes customers have been able to stack those deals together, solving that problem altogether).

The future is looking bright for data plans within Australia, with the 5G network around the corner. As Australia’s Wireless Internet speeds increase with 5G technology, the amount of data used will somewhat flank that increase, and the cost of data can only keep coming down.
5G is still a fair way away for most of us though and with the much higher frequency that the technology uses, we expect these signals will have a fairly limited travel range in comparison to 4G signals. As with our current 3G and 4G frequencies, the 5G technology will be accessed from our current 3G/4G towers and from tall buildings within metropolitan areas. This means, that 5G will most likely be inaccessible for anyone who isn’t within Australia’s most metropolitan areas. Many more towers will need to be built.

However, the beauty of 4G Internet signals, is that they can travel much further distances than the 5G, therefore, delivering Internet data to properties much farther away from our towers. So, if you think you’re looking at a bleak Internet future, or you know of someone else who is, let them know that there are still fast, reliable and cost effective solutions out there and Australia’s wireless data plans are improving significantly, finally!

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