How do I fix my mobile phone reception?

If you have to go outside or stand in one little corner of the house to make and receive your mobile phone calls, then you are one of many Australians who are experiencing this frustration and probably wondering if and how it can be corrected.

The short answer is, yes, it usually can be rectified, depending on where the building that requires mobile phone signal is. So here are a couple of options you can try…

Firstly, it would be wise to investigate to find out if it’s just the one mobile phone carrier that doesn’t work on your property, or if it’s all of them. For example, if your phone carrier is currently Telstra, you could try a friend or family member’s Vodafone or Optus phone at your premises to find out if they work any better than the Telstra phone. If you can’t find someone with an alternative carrier on their phone that you could use to test this, then you can purchase cheap pre-paid sim cards and try them in your phone, at your premises.

If one of the other carriers DO work but you’re locked in to a contract with your current carrier, you could request that your carrier release you from your contract, due to the fact that they cannot provide the service that you’re paying for. Keep records and notes of all emails and phone calls you have with your carrier regarding this request, including dates and names of people you have spoken to along with any extra relevant information of the conversations.

If you experience resistance from your carrier, we would suggest dropping the ‘O bomb’ (the Ombudsman process). Once you have exhausted all avenues with your carrier, then you can provide all of your records of your conversations to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. Providing these records up front should create a faster outcome for you. You can do this online at But, be absolutely certain that another carrier does indeed work effectively within your home/office/shed that you need reception in. You don’t want to spend all of that time getting released from one carrier only to discover that the next carrier really doesn’t provide adequate reception there either.

If you have tried the other carriers and none of them can provide adequate mobile phone reception within your building, then there is still another option to rectify the problem, and that involves having a mobile phone smart repeater system (booster) installed within the building along with an external antenna on the roof.

In Australia, there is only one type of booster system that is legal and that is the Cel-Fi Smart Repeater system. You will find many inferior products on the market which are illegal, easily detectable and can knock out your neighbours reception, or worse, the local mobile phone towers (see our blog on illegal boosters in BLOG POSTS)

The legal Cel-Fi Smart Repeater system amplifies and distributes mobile signal within a particular area. These ‘boosters’ are mostly installed in businesses and homes but are often installed in garages, sheds and, even in vehicles as it is a very versatile device.

The Cel-Fi GO Smart Repeater system comprises of a small unit (Cel-Fi GO), an internal and external antenna. The high gain external antenna locks onto the strongest and most robust signal available for the Cel-Fi unit to amplify and distribute this signal throughout the building via its distribution antenna inside the building.

Apart from improving mobile phone signal, the system has other benefits like increasing mobile data speeds, extending phone battery life, improving voice quality and decreasing radiation from mobile phones (your phone does not have to work so hard trying to find signal, therefore using less power which reduces radiation emission).

Celfi GO Mobile RepeaterIf you’re needing to investigate this further or would like one of our engineers to expertly install one of these systems in your home then give Signal Fox a call on 07 5414 9030 and have the discussion with them about whether this is the right solution for you. They will investigate your property for you, to discover if this technology is an option to solve your mobile phone and data problems, once and for all.

You can purchase your Cel-Fi Repeater System from our shop on this Signal Fox website.

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