With technology advancements made today, the rise of mobile phones has not only made communication easier but the world has become a well-connected village. There are several benefits that mobile phone users enjoy including improved business dealings and family relations. This has made us almost completely dependent on mobile phones to be able to carry out our day to day activities. However, one of the main limitations for mobile phones is poor signal reception which can cause a great deal of inconvenience and, can even be quite dangerous in an emergency situation.

Most Australians have the luxury of enjoying quality mobile phone service, if living within a Metropolitan area. The minority who experience poor mobile phone signal are mostly, but are by no means always located in the rural areas that have this problem. If you find yourself among those who do have this problem, it does not mean that there is no hope and your mobile reception cannot be improved. There are things you can do to improve your phone reception, and the good news is that they can be permanent solutions for poor mobile signal.

Contacting your mobile network operator

The first thing you are always advised to do if you are experiencing poor phone signals is to contact your mobile phone provider. They should be able to help you with your problem where they can. Some providers can offer solutions like new phones and additional services.

How to improve mobile phone reception in your home

For example, if you live in the Sunshine Coast or Hinterland Rural Areas, try using a mobile phone signal booster for the Sunshine Coast. Also known as a Cel-Fi, a mobile phone ‘booster’ (the correct term is actually a Smart repeater system) amplifies and distributes mobile signal within a particular place. Mostly these ‘boosters’ are installed in businesses and homes but are often installed in garages and sheds too.

The Cel-Fi system comprises of one unit. This unit is used to amplify signal from a mobile phone tower and send the signal to multiple mobile devices within a building.

An external antenna is usually required as well, to strengthen this signal adequately. Apart from improving mobile phone signals, mobile phone boosters have other benefits like increasing mobile data speeds, extend phone battery life, improve voice quality and decreases radiation from mobile phones since your phone does not have to work so hard trying to find signal, therefore using less power which reduces radiation emission.

How to improve mobile phone reception in a car

If you travel to rural areas where phone signals are mostly poor, there are options you can choose from to maximize a mobile phone’s coverage and performance. If you frequently use your mobile phone in your car, we recommend using the latest of technology with the Celfi GO system. If you’ve ever tried to talk to someone while your car was traveling through poor wireless coverage areas, you know the frustration of poor call quality, call drop outs and having to pull over to finish your conversation.

Resolving these problems has been front and centre for USA based Nextivity with the company recently designing a solution ideal for the Australian market, specifically addressing poor mobile coverage needs of moving and nomadic applications.

The CelFi Go system automatically adapts to the moving environment, jumping from tower to tower by not ‘releasing’ the signal until the incoming tower signal is of sufficient strength. Coupled with antennas and the Cel-Fi WAVE smartphone app, Cel-Fi GO is the ideal solution to resolve the toughest coverage challenges. CelFi GO



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