Is your TV antenna guy as smart as your Smart TV?

Kathy is a mother of two who lives at Aroona, on the Sunshine Coast. She had poor TV reception. She knew this because the picture kept breaking up and the sound was frequently cutting out. It became almost unbearable to watch.

She also owned an old television set and decided to get it all updated. Kathy went out and bought the family a new Smart TV, brought it home and called a local TV antenna business. Let’s refer to them as ‘Just TV Guys’, shall we? A ‘Just TV Guys’ installer went out to see her and saw that the existing TV antenna was old and rusted (TV antennas usually only last a few years). So he removed her old antenna and fitted a nice new shiny one. He wall mounted her new TV set for her in the lounge room and started writing out her invoice for services on his ‘completed’ work.

While he was doing that, Kathy tried using her brand new nicely wall-mounted TV. It didn’t work! “Lucky the installer’s still here to help me!” she said to herself. Unfortunately, though, the technician had no idea on how the TV worked! He just shrugged it off, said he had no idea how it worked or how to connect it to the internet and recommended she call another TV installation company for that information. He handed her the invoice and quickly left her there, with a TV that she couldn’t use! Needless to say Kathy was gob smacked. She had no other choice but to call another local business.

Local TV antenna, WiFi and I.T expert, James from Signal Fox received the call and was able to quickly swing by in between jobs and connected Kathy’s TV to her internet so she could take full advantage of her new Smart TV. He also ran her through a quick tutorial on exactly how to take advantage of all of the cool features her new TV has. It’s great that at the end of the day Kathy has everything set up and working, but she ended up having to be at home for two separate technicians to visit and she had to pay two separate invoices.

The old fashioned TV antenna business is blatantly outdated in this newer age of home WiFi, the NBN, Smart TVs and digital radio, but a lot of people don’t consider this until it’s too late. These days a TV antenna technician needs to also be an expert in many aspects of Information Technology and Radio Frequency technology from all angles. They need to be totally and always up to date on all the newest TV models as well as other cutting edge technological gadgets that get released from time to time.

So, if the TV antenna technician that you next hire gets up on your roof and just points your TV antenna in some vague direction without first assessing the surrounding signals with a proper Field Strength Meter, forget it. Get them off your roof and send them back to wherever or whenever they came from (possibly back to 1985), because they surely won’t be able to handle an NBN delivered TV signal or strengthening your home’s WiFi signal so that you can stream Netflix efficiently.

Signal Fox clients almost always only ever have the one installation visit. The Signal Fox experience includes the entire journey of owning and using the Smart TV. James, Signal Fox’s Field Engineer has over ten years worth of experience in installing TVs and TV antennas and he uses the best Digital Field Strength Meters to locate exactly where reception faults are situated, causing poor TV reception. He knows which digital antennas work best for the area the home is in, the best techniques of the installation of the TV itself as well as its relationship with the home WiFi system. He has had many years of experience within the I.T sector and a passion for the newest technical toys and radio frequencies and what comes out of that combination. So, needless to say he installs home theatre systems and designs and installs WiFi systems too. And of course he gives helpful tutorials to his clients on how to use that newly installed TV/home theatre system, if requested.

When you call a TV antenna service business, spend a few extra moments asking about what other credentials they have, because from now on, they’re going to need to know a heck of a lot more than just TV antennas. It’ll be interesting which other TV antenna installation business’ can keep up with Signal Fox.