Australia demands; Better Internet and Mobile Phone coverage, NOW!

There is a lot of focus at the moment on the quality of internet and mobile phone services across Australia (or lack thereof), what with the numerous “black spots” everywhere and recent Telstra hiccups, there’s no wonder people are feeling fed up.

There are however, readily available solutions, with smart companies such as local Sunshine Coast business, Signal Fox, being currently run off their feet providing these much needed solutions. They’re installing long term, fixed solutions such as Smart Repeaters and high powered phone antenna units to give people the mobile phone reception boosting and internet coverage that they require around the clock. No monthly costs. No further purchases needed.

There are better alternatives to the often disliked dongle solution that many people think they have to use. One alternative can include using the existing data package on your mobile phone. Sounds simple enough. But these cheaper alternatives do still require good mobile phone reception. So then, what if the mobile phone issue still needs addressing? You can’t exactly run it off one bar of phone coverage.

Well, obviously the first option is to call the telco provider and ask if they can sort it out for you. But many of us experience that same old line from them where they tell us “well according to our records your area does have coverage”. And they often will not budge on that! Arghh!

Sometimes the telco provider will sell you an antenna for your mobile reception, but with no technician to help or advise you on how to install this correctly or in the right spot on the roof. And even if you do fluke it and get it right they are usually inferior pieces of equipment (even their staff admit to that) and just don’t deliver, bringing you back to the question “have I installed this correctly, because it ain’t working!” Where am i meant to put this thing Mr Telco?? I could think of a few places right now!

This is when it feels like there is just no solution and you’re doomed to live in the dark ages for eternity or until we are at the point where we can just teleport and be done with it.

Nowadays there are good solutions on the market for poor mobile and internet reception and they’ve been around for a couple of years already, it’s just that the telcos are forgetting to tell us about them.

Two of the most cutting edge mobile phone reception solutions that Signal Fox are using are the installation of a Smart Repeater amplifier system which will boost the mobile phone reception to give maximum bars of cover in the building. It’s small, it’s powerful and it works beautifully!

The cheaper alternative is getting a technician to attach a powerful & effective mobile phone antenna on to the roof of the building and connecting it via a cable to your mobile phone. This means the phone is fixed to the one spot in the building, rendering no longer ‘mobile’. This may seem counterproductive as far as mobility goes, but it does work well, which is pretty important when you’re trying to download information for your assignment that’s on deadline or when you’re needing to complete that online training for your new job, and other important stuff that (shock horror) us Aussies actually need it for!

Now, there are legal mobile phone Smart Repeaters on the market and then there are the very common, very illegal mobile phone boosters that you will find on the internet. Do your homework and get informed on what you can and can’t do in Australia, as there really are some hefty fines and even gaol terms attached to being caught with the illegal boosters and they can also be pretty easy for the authorities to detect and find (see the article “Are boosters legal?” on the Signal Fox website for the low down on all of that).

So it seems that we actually can avoid all of the stresses of the inadequate services and designs provided by our Australian telcos after all. We can have the calibre of technology that metropolitan Australia enjoys. Innovation is around. It’s here. We’ve just got to Google search for it!

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