If you need to keep a close eye on how much data you’re using each month (for example, if you’re on NBN Satellite or a Telstra 4G system), then you should read on to learn how to reduce that monthly data usage, whilst watching Netflix….


When you’re watching Netflix, gaming or doing online shopping you shouldn’t have to worry about how much data it’s using or if you’re going over your monthly allowance.

When it comes to Netflix, there are a variety of factors to consider as to where that data is being used.


Here’s what all consumers should know

The general idea is that while streaming with Netflix you use about 1GB of data per hour. This is only correct if you’re streaming in ‘standard definition’ whereas those streaming in ‘high definition’ are using up to 3GB per hour. So, the better the quality of the picture, the more data you are using.

It all depends on how your account settings are configured. Netflix often automatically sets your definition feature to auto which defaults at the highest quality possible for your internet connect. So it defaults your viewing to the best quality definition or picture, therefore using significantly more data when watching Netflix.

This can easily be changed into one of the other three levels of screen quality including;

  • Low: Basic definition, stream strength of 0.3gb per hour
  • Medium: Standard definition, stream strength of 0.7gb per hour
  • High: High definition, stream strength of 3GB per hour. There is also another higher strength stream for the newer 4K television models that uses 7GB per hour.

It’s important to know that the default setting on your device is set to “Auto”, meaning your data usage could be higher than the quoted 1GB figure if, for example, you’re streaming with a high-speed internet connection.


If you’re in the position where you need to monitor your monthly data usage, then here are the steps to change the settings of your Netflix account for lower quality streaming:


    1. Go to your netflix account on your computer , making sure you are logged in.
    2. Choose the profile you want to adjust the streaming quality on
    3. Under your profile icon in the top-right corner, click “Account”
    4. In the “My Profile” Section, select “Playback settings”
    5. Select the streaming quality that suits you best (it will give a little description of each) and hit the save button


Keep in mind that when you do change the definition settings, it can take up to eight hours for your changes to take effect.