A Technician’s Trouble-shoot List For ADSL2 Speed Issues

1) Have you tried moving your router to another phone point in the house? In most Queensland homes the phone point in the kitchen is the master phone point in the building. This is the easiest and first troubleshooting step you should try.

2) How are you connecting to your router? Via a cable or wirelessly? Wireless interference around the home can cause slower speeds. Check around the home for potential wireless interferences (we have a blog coming up on how to manage wireless around the home).

3) Accessing the router’s internal website can reveal the actual line sync speed from your service provider. This is a very useful trouble shooting tool.

4) Removing your ADSL filter could help, as a faulty or damaged one of these will affect line sync speeds.

5) Have you tried testing with a new router? A damaged or faulty router can be corrupted and cause intermittent or slow internet speeds

6) Try going to adsl2exchanges.com.au and type in your address and select ‘heat map’ to find out what speeds other houses in your street and area are getting.

7) If line speeds are below around 3 Mbps call your service provider and have a technician come out to test the MDF at the front of the building. This will determine whether the fault lies on the street or within the building.

Careful: Make sure you ask the tech for the line speeds result from the MDF test, as they don’t volunteer such valuable information willingly. And it’s good to know if you can squeeze out a few extra Mbps by re-cabling your home with a fresh new cable to the MDF.